In a minute

In a minute Making good money people usually are strongly pronounced extroverts who got used to speak much.

These are people with excellent health, a stock of energy and selfconfidence to which at school liked to act with speech, to participate in interview.

To become the successful manager, it is necessary to be able to communicate effectively.

In a minute you will understand, why it so.

We got used to judge mental capacities of the person on his speech.

Besides those who start talking the first, direct conversation to that area with which they are best of all familiar, and from here and seem more knowing.

And, at last, advance in business is connected with your persuasiveness and efficiency in communication with other people, rather than with technical skills more often.

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Then it is soft, but with

Then it is soft, but with POYoswarm, however, not enough one convincing tone.

Then it is soft, but with force close the book benka, take its toy and see off him in the room.

to distribute your forces and to operate the emotions.

Who too often appeals to theto it to authority, that destroys and loses it.

It is not necessary to shout to demand in enough necessary time.

When you something order to the child, it to be clear in the mind what exactly you wish, and to insist on it with maximum dost.

Child instinctively and immediately on tone of a voice what valid value it is given that to it order to make.

Any orders generate revolt, itobedience, and some inappropriate attempts nuzhdeniye only strengthen obstinacy.

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In such a way feelings

In such a way feelingsDevelopment of feelings of the pupil will occur according to the similar scheme feelings are brought up by feelings which worried geniuses of mankind during the moments of the highest creative takeoff inspiration and embodied them in the works.

In such a way feelings of the child are created and gain effective force.

The imagination is generated in the same way.

It not ability to dream, build castles in the air, and on the contrary the instrument of creation of hypotheses, possibility intuitively to see essence of subjects, to combine from many images what did not exist yet.

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The hearing

The hearing They see fish among foam of mountain streams, and we, besides, even at all the desire notice nothing.

The hearing also operates selectively it is limited by that in our culture is considered to hear necessary.

The rest is rejected.

In itself ears can hear much more sounds, than what we usually perceive.

All acquaintances to me the South American Indians, got used to listen in the jungle to dangers and game movements, probably, disappearing in several steps, also hear a sound of the engine of the coming nearer plane long before us.

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And behind

And behindThat is why beauty force which involves the kid; it reaches for it, worries and enjoys admires beauty of subjects and the phenomena out of itself.

And behind these external processes there are others not seen by an eye the kid as a sponge incorporates information and energy with which the nature and art are so rich.

The kid enjoys very much their processing.

Besides, symbols of subjects and the phenomena in the hidden form embodied all intrinsic forces which for children and adults too comprise the unknown.

So, the meeting with a symbol in that case becomes also a meeting with unknown, mysterious, mysterious, as inspires to the child an unconscious inclination to it and insuperable requirement to reveal a secret.

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